Question: What is the fastest growing social media platform?

What is the fastest growing social media platform today why?

Facebook might still be dominant, but TikTok has seen the fastest growth of any social media platform. From launch only five years ago, the video-based platform is now fifth for most monthly active users (MAU).

What is the most successful social media platform?

1. Facebook – 2.23 billion MAUs. Facebook is the biggest social media site around, with more than two billion people using it every month. ... YouTube – 1.9 billion MAUs. YouTube is a video-sharing platform where users watch a billion hour of videos every day. ... WhatsApp – 1.5 billion MAUs. ... Messenger – 1.3 billion MAUs.

What is the most used social media platform by teenagers?

In the United States, YouTube has become the most popular social media platform with 85 percent of 13 to 17 year olds using it, 72% use Instagram, 69% use Snapchat, 51% use Facebook, and its estimated that 69% of US teens are monthly TikTok users.

Is Snapchat ok for a 14 year old?

You have to enter your birth date to set up an account, but theres no age verification, so its easy for kids under 13 to sign up. Common Sense Media rates Snapchat OK for teens 16 and up, mainly because of the exposure to age-inappropriate content and the marketing ploys, such as quizzes, that collect data.

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Most Popular Social Media Networks (Updated for 2021)

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What is the fastest growing social media platform?

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Choosing the Right Social Media Platform for Your Business

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What is the fastest growing social media platform?

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What is the fastest growing social media platform?

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