Question: Where do singles meet in Berlin?


The city embraces individuality, so those going solo will feel right at home. The city is generally very safe, making it a winning choice for solo travelers, and especially enticing for women traveling alone.

Where do singles meet in Berlin?

You still need to be street smart and have your wits about you, but the beauty of Berlin is that you can push the boundaries of your own experience a lot more freely than in some other cities. Berlin is wildly creative, boasting some of the finest in the world.

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It also has a reputation for being a party city. Travelling alone gives you the freedom of choice to discover the parts of the city you want to explore. In fact, the city is a melting pot of languages and culture, with large communities from all over the world carving out their own influences in the city.

Where do singles meet in Berlin?

Parks are a major hangout in Berlin and a good way to Where do singles meet in Berlin? new friends. Head to Templehof or G├Ârlitzer Park in summer, pitch your blanket and have a few beers on you so that you can share them with the people who will be there, playing music, doing handstands and having picnics around you. Meeting someone there is easy, and will probably lead you on to your next activity, in the form of an invitation to a club, bar or house party.

Berlin is bursting with cheap and social hostels, perfect for meeting other travelers. Try the in Prenzlauer Berg, which has lots of common room spaces and beer in the fridge. The in Mitte also offers regular social events and is a great place to hook up with other visitors. Most hostels in Berlin either offer free walking tours of the city, or know which way to point you to find one.

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