Question: What is the size of Ahafo Region?


It is thebefore thewith a population of 5,455,692 in 2021, accounting for 17. The Greater Accra region is the most urbanized region in the country with 87.

The city of Greater Accra Region is Accra which is at the same time the capital city of Ghana. It was, however, administered separately by the Minister responsible for local government. It is smallest region of Ghana in total area, and is made up of 16 administrative areas. It is celebrated in remembrance of a great famine that hit the Ga people in the sixteenth century.

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It is mainly a food festival which celebrates the passing of that terrible period in Ga history. It takes place in August every year and is celebrated by all the Ga clans. The Adangbe people from Ada celebrate the festival, which is also called 'Asafotufiam', an annual warrior's festival celebrated by Ada people from the last Thursday of July to the first weekend of August commemorates the victories of the warriors in battle and is a memorial for those who fell on the battlefield.

To re-enact these historic events, the warriors dress in traditional battle dress and stage a mock battle. This is also a time for male rites of passage, when young men are introduced to warfare. The festival also coincides with the harvest cycle, when these special customs and ceremonies are performed. The celebration reaches its climax with a durbar of chiefs, a colourful procession of the Chiefs in palanquins with their retinue. They are accompanied by traditional military groups What is the size of Ahafo Region?

'Asafo Companies' amidst drumming, singing and dancing through the streets and on the durbar grounds. At the durbar, greetings are exchanged between the chiefs, libations are poured and declarations of allegiance are made.

What is the size of Ahafo Region?

Each District, Municipal or Metropolitan Area and it's corresponding constituency, is administered by a Chief Executive and a Member of Parliamnet, representing the central government but deriving authority from an Assembly headed by a presiding member elected from among the members themselves. Owing to in-migration and a high population growth rate, however, the region has the highest in the country. ±% 1984 1,431,099 — 2000 2,905,726 +103. They What is the size of Ahafo Region?

the largest ethnic sub-group in the Greater Accra Region, with 18. Each town had a stool, which served as the central object of Ga ritual and war magic. Now, the town of La has a community bank which offers banking services to them. Accra became the most prominent Ga-Dangme towns and is now the heartbeat and capital of Ghana.

Trading is generally in the hands of women, and a husband has no control over his wife's money.

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Succession to most offices held by women and inheritance of women's property are by matrilineal descent. Inheritance of other property and succession to male-held public offices are by patrilineal descent.

Men of the lineage live together in a men's compound, while women, even after marriage, live with their mothers and children in a women's compound. Each Ga town has a number of different cults and many gods, and there are a number of annual town What is the size of Ahafo Region?. The Adangme people occupy the coastal area of Ghana from Le Kpone to Ada, on the Volta River and South Atlantic Ocean along the Gulf of Guinea and inland along the Volta River.

The Adangme People include the Ada, Le Kpone, Krobo, Ningo, Osuduku, Prampram, and Shai, all speaking Adangbe of the Kwa branch of the Niger-Congo family of languages. About 70% of the Greater Accra Regional Land is owned by the Adangmes located in Dangme East and Dangme West Districts of Ghana. The largest portion of the population of Accra isat 39. The next largest group is at 30. After this 18% of the population is.

The Ga sub-group of the Ga-Dangme people is the historical population of Accra. They form the largest ethnic sub-group in the Greater Accra Region, with 18. The Fante are the next largest ethnic sub-group, with 10% of the population.

What is the size of Ahafo Region?

What is the size of Ahafo Region? 2000 the population was 2,905,726. In 2010 the population was 4,010,054. The airport offers flight to destinations within Ghana, the African continent and to other continents. Four — N1, N2, N4 and N6 — and one Regional highway — R40 — pass through the Greater Accra region. It passes through and exits the region at where it continues on through the to Elubo in the. The crosses the border into Asikuma and runs north entering theending at Kulungugu.

The heads north from the Tetteh Quarshie Interchange, while the originates from Achimota. These highways cut through the northern part of the region and terminate at in the. There is also an active connecting and. In addition, there are number of private universities and university colleges spread through the region.

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