Question: What does v GER mean?

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What Does The G V Mean?

Several French presidents helped themselves to a noble-sounding de without such heritage. We know lots of Dutch van names- van Gogh, Van Helsing, Vanderbilt, Martin Van Buren the only U. William of Orange Willem van Oranje in Dutch is an example of a van who was actually of nobility.

What does v GER mean?

In the German-speaking countries, von is usually assumed to mark nobility, but there are some non-noble families who have always used it, primarily in northwest Germany near the Netherlands and in Switzerland where the aristocracy played less of What does v GER mean?

role than in Germany. For example von Doemming, von Eynern, v.

What does v GER mean?

Bavaria on the other hand gradually reserved von for nobles, although non-nobles sometimes held on to their von by combining it into the family name: von Sicht became Vonsicht, von Hof became Vonhof, etc. When commoners were ennobled, they would typically add von to their name von Goethe, von Schillerbut sometimes would pick an additional name to put the von on- something grand, or the site of the battle they won their spurs at.

Von to tell you where they originally held land, and zu indicated where they currently held land, so von und zu meant they were still holding the same ancestral land after all these centuries, like Fürst von und zu Liechtenstein, the prince of the postage stamp country of Liechtenstein.

If the von and zu named different places, say, What does v GER mean? Weißstein zu Schwarzfels, the von indicates where their noble house originated, but the zu indicated where they currently ruled, typically when the land was split up among heirs. Danish officers from 1770 to 1860 could add von to their name- officers were traditionally from the nobility, but less and less as time went on, so a Danish von is no guarantee of nobility. And, of course, a Scandinavian with a von may just be descended from a German noble immigrant- many Germans moved north as professionals, or craftsmen, or as farmers.

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