Question: Whats another word for Glock?

How would you describe a Glock?

Glock is a brand of polymer-framed, short recoil-operated, locked-breech semi-automatic pistols designed and produced by Austrian manufacturer Glock Ges. m.b.H. The firearm entered Austrian military and police service by 1982 after it was the top performer in reliability and safety tests.

Where does the word Glock come from?

The Glock surname is derived from the Middle High German word glocke, or glogge, meaning a bell. The name may have been an occupational name for someone who rang bells; or it may have come from any of several places named from this word.

What are some other names for pistol?

synonyms for pistolfirearm.gun.handgun.rod.forty-five.piece.six-shooter.Saturday night special.More items...

What is special about a Glock?

The Glock is literally made in a plastic mold as opposed to being assembled from steel. Its what makes it so light; and what allows the gun to have the large capacity [is that] the plastic is very thin. The Glock is also more durable and will function if its not cleaned properly or regularly. ... The gun is always on.

Does a Glock 17 have a safety?

Like all other Glocks, the Glock 17 features the “safe action” system, which consists of three passive, independently operating mechanical safeties. Though the pistol has no manual safety, its three internal safeties work seamlessly to prevent accidental discharges and safety hazards.

What is the slang word for gun?

shooter (slang) piece (slang) rod (slang) heater (US, slang) handgun.

What does the word sidearm mean?

(Entry 1 of 2) : a weapon (such as a sword, revolver, or bayonet) worn at the side or in the belt. sidearm. adjective.

What does running 3 gun mean?

3-gun is currently one of the fastest growing shooting sports. ... If the name didnt already give it away, this sport involves three different firearms rifle, pistol, and shotgun. The equipment will vary among shooters but 3-gunners typically start with a AR-15 style rifle (or any semi-automatic rifle in .

Are Glocks safe to carry chambered?

Since there is no way to lower the striker on a chambered round, it is impossible for the Glock to be loaded with the striker released. A glance at the trigger indicates there is a empty chamber and a round needs to be chambered to fire. If the trigger is reset I always assume there is a live round in the chamber.

Should I carry with one in the chamber?

While it is generally correct, it doesnt apply to a gun being carried for self-defense. Your concealed carry, everyday carry gun should be ready for use. The firearm needs to be ready to be used against an attacker. In this way, it is appropriate (if you desire) to carry with a round in the chamber.

Republished with permission from Ever wanted to know the meaning of a term used in the world of firearms? It is commonly used to designate specific calibers, particularly those which were originally designed by John Moses Browning for the Colt Firearms Company. Automatic Colt Pistol, a type of ammunition.

See also: single action, double action. An adjustable stock is one that can be easily lengthened or shortened to fit shooters of different sizes.

Adjustable triggers are common on specialized target-shooting firearms, but rare on self defense firearms. Usually one lever on each side of the firearm. A single unit of ammunition in modern firearms is called a cartridge. The units of measure for quantity of ammunition Whats Whats another word for Glock? word for Glock? rounds. There are hundreds of sizes of ammunition, examples include. The ammunition used must match the firearm. Also known as Peep Sights. An armor-piercing shell must withstand the shock of punching through armor plating.

Shells designed for this purpose have a greatly strengthened case with a specially hardened and shaped nose, and a much smaller bursting charge. They are utilized to project explosive, armor defeating, incendiary, or nuclear projectiles over great distances. They are normally moved by vehicle because of their size and weight. Despite public perception, assault weapons are not machine guns. They are semi-automatic firearms, not fully automatic firearms.

The term is distinct from the term assault rifle, which is a technical term with a specific meaning widely accepted both in law and within the military and firearms communities.

Examples: machine guns, submachine guns, selective-fire rifles, including true assault rifles. A fully automatic firearm is capable of sequentially firing two or more cartridges with a single pull of Whats another word for Glock? trigger. A fully automatic firearm is also called a machine gun. Automatic can also refer to a semi-automatic firearm. Internal ballistics deals with what happens inside of a firearm upon discharge. A bullet fired Whats another word for Glock?

a rifled barrel also has rifling marks unique to the barrel that launched it. A record of these marks, when stored in a central database, is called a ballistic fingerprint. Some states require this record to be made by law, so that individual guns can be located from bullets or casings found at the scene of a crime. The barrel serves the purpose of Whats another word for Glock?

direction and velocity to the bullet. But a firearm is said to be in battery when the breech is fully closed and locked, ready to fire. When the breech is open or unlocked, the gun is out of battery and no attempt should be made to fire it.

A semi-automatic is out of battery when the slide fails to come all the way forward again after the gun has fired, making it dangerous or impossible to fire the next round. The rearmost surface of the grip. The rear of two gripstraps on a handgun, which lies beneath the heel of the hand when gripping the gun. All firing is done from an artificially supported shooting position. It is a severe test of the mechanical precision of both the small arm and its ammunition.

It is the only shooting activity in the Winter Olympics. There is also a summer biathlon which involves running and shooting but it is not yet an Olympic event. The size of the shot is given as a number or letter—with the larger number the smaller the shot size. It is so named because it is most often used for hunting birds.

The finest size generally used is 9 which is approximately.

Whats another word for Glock?

In such case the breechblock immediately begins to separate from the barrel upon firing. Blowback is used in comparatively low powered weapons, in which inertia of the breechblock, and cartridge wall adhesion against the chamber, are sufficient enough to retard opening until Whats another word for Glock? gas pressures have fallen to a safe level. Used mainly in starting races, theatrical productions, troop exercises and in training dogs.

It must be moved out of the way to load and unload the gun; this action may be manually performed by the shooter pulling back on an exterior knob called the bolt handle and then sending it forward again, or the action may be performed by other moving parts within the firearm. When the user must move the bolt manually, the firearm is called a bolt-action firearm.

A new, unfired, cartridge is inserted and secured into the chamber by reversing the action of the bolt. A high bore axis tends to create greater perceived recoil and more muzzle flip when firing the gun than does a low bore axis.

Most shell casings are made of the metal alloy known as brass. The ideal trigger break is sudden and definite. The rearmost end of a barrel, closest to the shooter. Most often used to describe a 500-round container of 22 Long Rifle ammunition. Generally the larger the pellets, the fewer of them there are in casing. It is not the same as a cartridge, the cartridge is complete package, which includes the case, primer, powder, and bullet, which is called or a round.

Bullets can be of many materials, shapes, weights and constructions such as solid lead, lead with a jacket of harder metal, round-nosed, flat-nosed, hollow-pointed, etc. Bullet traps are most commonly used on indoor ranges. This makes the overall length of the firearm shorter than it otherwise would be. These very heavy barrels, designed for extreme accuracy, are usually seen on target rifles. It is threaded through the action of the firearm. Although such a measurement may be frequently stated in millimeters.

Caliber numbers when used to identify the size of the bullet a gun will file are usually followed by words or letters to create the complete name of the cartridge. These letters often represent a brand name or an abbreviation for the name of the company that first introduced the round.

Its purpose is to permit the cartridge casing to be crimped tightly against the bullet shank to hold it firmly to the casing. A groove or indention around the circumference of a bullet. Its purpose is to permit the cartridge casing to be crimped tightly against the bullet shank to hold it firmly to the casing.

Canting the firearm can make precision shooting more difficult, but may be necessary in some circumstances. Commonly used today to indicate any rifle of short overall length. A revolver employs a multi-chambered rotating cylinder separated from the stationary barrel. Later clay has been replaced with more suitable Whats another word for Glock? materials.

The magazine functions by moving the cartridges stored in the magazine into a position where they may be loaded into the chamber by the action of the firearm. When the trigger is pressed the cartridge is fired, and Whats another word for Glock? action cycles loading another cartridge into chamber and when firing is stopped the bolt remains closed and the chamber remains loaded.

The hammer or similar mechanism if there is no hammer only needs to be released by the trigger to cause the gun to fire. This first shot is referred to as a shot from a cold, clean, bore. A device attached to or made as part of a firearms barrel designed to reduce recoil or muzzle movement on firing. They generally increase muzzle blast.

The may also, but not necessarily so, diminish muzzle flash. It is different from a double tap because in a controlled pair, the second shot will be fired after the shooter has obtained a second sight picture, whereas in a double tap both shots are fired based upon the initial sight picture alone. When the gun is worn on the belt, the most common types of cover garments are vests, sweaters, and jackets. They come in two basic configurations, fixed or flip-up. Its more-proper name is reticle.

The design was first produced by Henry Deringer, under the brand name Deringer. It is generally associated with high explosives e. Originally used only for revolvers but now common in semi-autos as well, Now it commonly means a revolver or pistol on which a long trigger pull can both cock and release the hammer to fire the weapon. In a revolver this action also rotates the cylinder to the next chambered round.

Firing always occurs as a double-action sequence where pulling the trigger both cocks and then fires the gun. As the fresh round is brought forward it cannot enter the chamber.

It is cleared by stripping the magazine from the gun, racking the slide several times to eject the spent case, and then reloading. Generally without getting a new sight picture on the target. If the second shot is fired after a second sight picture is captured it may instead be called a controlled pair. The area of the range forward of the firing line. Some state governments require drop-testing of all handgun designs sold within the state.

Dry firing must be done very carefully with a verified unloaded gun. The use of specially designed ear muffs or plugs that reduce the intensity of the sound reaching the ears is of course recommended. Some of the guns are so loud that a single shot can can cause permanent damage to unprotected ears. On doubles, each barrel has a separate ejector.

After firing, the shooter opens the cylinder and depresses the front end of the ejection rod, which forces the empty cases out of the cylinder. This is important for long range precision shooting because the air density changes with elevation and affects the path of the bullet. All shooters and spotters are required to wear eye protection while shooting is Whats another Whats another word for Glock?

for Glock? progress. This is as opposed to Hand loads which have been assembled by individuals and are not typically sold. A failure to extract often causes double-feed malfunction. Commonly caused by a failure to feed, bad ammunition or a broken firing pin. Incorrectly used by the media to mean the ability of a small arm to be discharged many times without reloading. By federal definition, under the 1968 Gun Control Act.

Air guns are not, by definition, firearms. Flash reducers lessen glare as seen by the shooter, but do not hide the flash from other observers to the front or side of the firearm.

Commonly caused by learning to shoot with a gun more powerful then they are ready for. Often, a rifle will shoot to a different point of aim with this shot as compared to the subsequent shots. It is often but not always in the form of a dot or a blade. Gas pressure is what sends the bullet downrange. A gas-operated firearm is one that uses Whats another word for Glock?

energy from these superheated gases to work the action. Sometimes installed on rifles and shotguns intended for home defense or police use. The more grains, the heavier the bullet. Powder is also measured by grains, but this is generally of interest only to re-loaders. There are 7000 grains to a pound. Often refers to the side-panels of the handle or the method by which the shooter holds the handgun. Users change grip panels to improve the look or feel of the firearm, or to personalize it so that the gun is more suited to a different hand size.

Some grip panels are chosen for function, while others are chosen for looks. Common grip-panel materials are wood, plastic, and rubber. Most 1911-pattern pistols feature a grip safety. Technically is is the portion of the bore in a rifled barrel that has been machined away.

The group size is measured by finding the bullet holes that are the furthest apart from each other and measuring from the center of one hole to the center of the other hole. The closer the holes, the better. Obviously the number of shots fired affect the group Whats another word for Glock?. Typical numbers are three, five and ten.

From a statistics viewpoint a three shot group is virtually Whats another word for Glock? as a measurement of firearm accuracy. Five shot groups are acceptable. Some advocate a seven shot group as a good tradeoff between economy and Whats another word for Glock? relevance. The firing pin may be struck by the hammer, or the firing pin may be a part of the hammer.

Not all guns have hammers. Many guns are equipped with strikers: notably Glock pistols and the vast majority of bolt action rifles.

Hammers may be exposed or shrouded, spurred or bobbed. The term is most commonly used in referring to. Rifles tend to have considerably lighter triggers than handguns, and even a heavy rifle trigger is often lighter than a light handgun trigger. They are least likely to over-penetrate the target and harm an innocent bystander. Some holsters also serve to obscure the outline of the Whats another word for Glock?

so it may be more easily concealed. Typically made from leather or in plastic. Internal safeties are generally designed to prevent unintentional discharges when the gun is dropped or mishandled. Sometimes used to denote a simple malfunction, but many people make a distinction between a complete jam and a simple malfunction. Key-holing sometimes can indicate a safety issue such as using the incorrect caliber for the gun.

The portion of the bore in a rifled barrel see rifling that protrudes into the bore itself. The top surface of the lands is approximately the same diameter as the bore was prior to rifling. Lasers may be located within the grips, hung from accessory rails at the front end of the gun, or placed within the firearm. They may also be made of steel, copper, or other materials.

The user manually brings this lever down and back up again to eject the spent case and bring a new round into the chamber ready to be fired. However, for safety reasons all firearms are always treated as loaded at all times. Whats another word for Glock? chamber indicators are required by law in some states. After the barrel has fully returned, the breechblock is released to fly forward, chambering a fresh round in the process.

A gun with a five-shot detachable magazine, for instance, may be fitted with a magazine holding 10, 20, or 50 or more rounds. Box magazines are most commonly located under the receiver with the cartridges stacked vertically. Tube or tubular magazines run through the stock or under the barrel with the cartridges lying horizontally. Drum magazines hold their cartridges in a circular mode. A magazine can also mean a secure storage place for ammunition or explosives. A mechanism that prevents the gun from being able to fire when the magazine is removed from the gun, even if there is still a round in the chamber.

Magazine disconnects are required by law in some states. On a semi-auto handgun, the magazine well is at the base of the grip; on a rifle, it is usually placed in front of the trigger guard. It generally indicates a round which cannot be interchanged with other loadings of the same caliber for example, a.

Match grade ammo and barrels are the most common improvements made to a firearm to improve accuracy for competition. Used to adjust sight angles to aim a firearm.

Misfeeds and failures to feed are very similar, a failure to feed is a round that never even Whats another word for Glock? the top of the magazine, while a misfeed is a round that leaves the magazine but does not enter the chamber. It can be caused by either a defective cartridge or a defective firearm. The term is frequently misused to indicate a Negligent Discharge of a firearm. This reduces the recoil of the firearm. The blast and flash are caused by the combustion products of the gunpowder, and any remaining unburned powder, mixing with the ambient air.

 This organization coordinates shooting events on a national level, provides firearms training to civilians and law enforcement, fights restrictive firearms legislation and supports the constitutional right of law abiding citizens to own and carry firearms.  It also means the non-dominant Whats another word for Glock?.

When the trigger is pressed the bolt moves forward, chambering a cartridge and firing it and returning to the open position. When firing is stopped the bolt remains open Whats another word for Glock? the chamber empty. Most submachine guns utilize this type of action. The are not designed to expand like a hollow point bullet but may fragment. Many calibers are available in both standard and +p or +p+ variants.

Ammunition marked +p produces more power and higher pressures than the standard ammunition. Telescopic sights often have parallax adjustments to minimize this effect. Grip safeties are one example of a passive external safety. A tight pattern is one in which the pellets are closely grouped when they land on target. A loose pattern is one in which the pellets are widely spread. It may be of the single-shot, multi-barrel, repeating or semi-automatic variety and includes revolvers. The most often practiced shooting sport in this country.

Point shooters use body position or other cues to provide a a sense of where the shots will land. The ejection port is the opening in the side of a semi-auto from which spent cases are ejected. Porting reduces perceived recoil and lessens muzzle rise but increases the noise and flash. Pre-travel is any movement of the trigger that begins before the trigger starts to engage.

True practical shooting limits the small arms, ammunition, and accessories used to those items that would actually be used in the role simulated. A primer is placed in the base of a Whats another word for Glock? casing to ignite the powder of the completed cartridge.

It is detonated by the striking of a firing pin in the firearm. This type of mechanism is most commonly used in shotguns and rimfire rifles. Racking the slide loads the chamber and prepares the gun to fire in a semi-automatic handgun.

Many range finders work by bouncing a laser beam off the target or nearby object and measuring the time for the reflection to arrive back at the instrument. It is also possible to use various passive optical devices such as a mil-dot telescopic sight. It may be in the shape of a square notch, a U, a V, a ring, or simply two dots designed to be visually placed on either side of the front sight while shooting.

In semi-automatic handguns and revolvers, this part is typically called the frame. The heavier the bullet and the faster it leaves the muzzle of the barrel the more recoil.

A shooter is said to be recoil sensitive if she does not enjoy the sensation caused by this rearward force. The strength of the recoil spring is calibrated to run the slide without any outside assistance. See also: riding the slide. They provide for fast target acquisition. They may or may not offer magnification. Usually this involves such things as machining a new slot in the screw.

The stock, barrel, and other components such as the bolt are typically attached to the receiver. Some firearms may have a multipart receiver such as an upper receiver and a lower receiver. Riding the slide is a common cause of misfeeds and other malfunctions.

 A rimmed or flanged cartridge with the priming mixture located inside the rim of the case. The most famous example is the. Whats another word for Glock? unit of measure for ammunition which is one complete unit of ammunition, which includes a bullet or other projectilepowder, and a primer, and is contained in an outer shell or case.

Typical quantities are 20 rounds and 50 rounds in single box. For example, a hunter could use his. Always follow the Four Rules even when the safety is engaged. Scopes contain a reticle, commonly in the shape of a cross, which must be properly centered upon the target for accurate aim. Pressure on the trigger causes the sear to release the hammer or striker, allowing it Whats another word for Glock?

strike the firing pin and Whats another word for Glock? the weapon. This design also may be found with a hollow point to facilitate expansion. A modified wadcutter bullet design with slightly sloping edges, designed to load smoothly in a semi-automatic pistol. The open end holds the bullet. The hollow portion holds the powder.

Together the assembled unit is called a cartridge. Small shotshells are also made for rifles and handguns and are often used for vermin control. These are all referred to collectively as the shooting sports. Upon returning forward, the breechblock chambers a fresh round and forces the barrel back into Whats another word for Glock?

forward position. Most modern recoil operated semi-automatic pistols use short recoil. In a 1911 semi-auto pistol, a short trigger is a different part than a long trigger, and in addition to providing less motion it features a shorter reach which may be of benefit to a small-handed shooter. Which Whats another word for Glock? result in the old case or shell failing to eject and a misfeeds, or the gun will not fire when the trigger is pulled. The term is used most often to refer to pump-action shotguns, but it is possible to similarly short-stroke any type of firearm which requires the user to manually cycle the action lever action rifles, for example.

Depending on the bore size and the size of the pellets there may be from less than 10 to two hundred or more pellets in a single shotgun cartridge.

Small shotshells are also made for rifles and handguns and are often used for vermin control. They Whats another word for Glock? be a mechanical, optical, or electronic device. Iron sights or sometimes as open sights, consist of specially-shaped pieces of metal placed at each end of the barrel.

The sight closest to the muzzle end of the gun is called the front sight, while the one farthest from the muzzle and nearest to the shooter is called the rear Whats another word for Glock?. It is often but not always in the form of a dot or a blade.

It may be in the shape of a square notch, a U, a V, a ring, or simply two dots designed to be visually placed on either side of the front sight while shooting. They do not actually silence most firearms but rather lower the intensity of the muzzle blast and change the sound characteristics. The possession, use, and Whats another word for Glock? of silencers have been tightly controlled under federal law since 1934. On single-action revolvers, the hammer must be manually drawn back to full cock for each shot.

On pistols, the recoil action will automatically re-cock the hammer for the second and subsequent shots. A single-action semi-automatic firearm has a hammer that is not actuated by the trigger.

The hammer may be cocked by hand, or by racking the slide, or by the rearward movement of the slide after each shot is fired. It is an Olympic shooting sport. Ejecting the spent case as it moves to the rear and loading a fresh cartridge into the chamber as it moves forward again.

As its name states, it slides along tracks in the top of the frame during the recoil process providing the linkage between the breechblock and barrel. To rack the slide means to pull the slide back to its rearmost Whats another word for Glock?, and then let it go forward under its own spring tension.

Whats another word for Glock?

To ride the slide means to rack the slide incorrectly, allowing your hand to rest upon the slide as it moves forward during the loading sequence. Riding the slide is a common cause of malfunctions. This condition of the gun is called slide lock.

It is sometimes called the slide stop or slide stop lever. The term is often incorrectly used to mean a Bullet. It is not an explosive, but rather a flammable solid that burns extremely rapidly releasing a large volume of gas.

Smooth bore barrels are commonly used in shotguns and in large bore artillery that Whats another word for Glock?

fin stabilized projectiles. Some folks also use them during dry fire practice to cushion the firing pin as it strikes. In some cases the spotter may just report the location of the bullet impact. In other cases they may judge the speed and direction of the wind, determine the range, and give the shooter the settings to be used on the sights.

This practice is a danger not only to bystanders but also to the shooter. Squib loads are very uncommon when shooting commercial ammunition.

The three most widely-known handgun stances are Weaver, Chapman, and Isosceles. It is commonly made of wood, wood laminate, metal, or plastics. The case usually stands on end while lodged in the ejection port.

The striker replaces both the hammer and firing pin found in hammer driven pistols. They do Whats another word for Glock? actually silence most firearms but rather lower the intensity of the muzzle blast and change the sound characteristics. The possession, use, and transportation of silencers have been tightly controlled under federal law since 1934. On long guns, the tang is the top strap used to screw the receiver to the stock.

To clear a misfeed, tap the base of the magazine firmly to be sure it is properly seated, rack the slide to eject an empty case or feed a new round, and assess to be sure your target still needs Whats another word for Glock?. If it does, pull the Whats another word for Glock? to create the bang. Other synthetics, nylon for instance, have also been used as bullet coatings. None of these soft coatings has any effect on lethality.

Typically this takes the form of image distortion that persists for a fraction of a second in the shape of an inverted V similar to that of a boat wake. It is an Olympic shooting sport. The term can also refer to the device used to throw the targets. Typically, pulling the trigger releases the striker or allows the hammer to fall, causing the firing pin to strike the primer.

The primer then ignites the powder within the round. Burning gases from the powder force the bullet out of its case and through the barrel, causing the bullet to exit the muzzle end of the gun and strike the target.

It may include trigger springs, return springs, the trigger itself, the sear, disconnectors, and other parts. This can be useful in a home which does not have a gun safe and has small children. Trigger pull weight is measured by the number of pounds and ounces of pressure required to pull the trigger past the break.

It is intended to prevent the trigger from being pulled by objects which find their way into the trigger guard area.

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Also in muzzle loading, a piece of cloth used to seal the bullet in the barrel. Its purpose and function is the same as a shotgun wad. It is primarily used in target competition because it cuts a clean round hole in paper targets that aids in scoring the target.

The body is angled slightly in relation to the target rather than squarely facing it. The elbows are flexed and pointed downward. The strong-side arm pushes out, while the weak hand pulls back. This produces a push-pull tension which is the chief defining characteristic of the Weaver stance.

Some are small enough for a Whats another word for Glock? child to easily handle, while others are large enough to perfectly suit teenagers, average-sized adult women, and small-statured adult males. This term is also used to mean the process of insuring that the sights of a firearm are properly aligned so that where they indicate the bullet will strike is in fact where it strikes.

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