Question: Why is bestest not a word?

Why isnt bestest a word?

Bestest means “the very best,” “the best of the best,” or “better than the best.” It is formed by adding the superlative suffix -est to the word best. This practice is grammatically incorrect, because best is already the superlative of good.

What is the definition of bested?

/best/ to defeat someone in a fight or competition: He bested his opponent in just two rounds.

What is the superlative for good?

Irregular comparatives and superlativesAdjectiveComparativeSuperlativegoodbetterbestbadworseworstlittlelessleastmuchmoremost1 more row

What is the superlative of top?

Though there is a superlative degree of top which is Topmost.

What does the term best girl mean?

: a favorite girl sweetheart.

What is the best definition of a script?

1a : something written : text. b : an original or principal instrument or document. c(1) : manuscript sense 1. (2) : the written text of a stage play, screenplay, or broadcast specifically : the one used in production or performance. 2a : a style of printed letters that resembles handwriting.

What are the best English words?

The Top 10 Most Beautiful English Words3 Pluviophile (n.)4 Clinomania (n.) ... 5 Idyllic (adj.) ... 6 Aurora (n.) ... 7 Solitude (n.) ... 8 Supine (adj.) ... 9 Petrichor (n.) The pleasant, earthy smell after rain. ... 10 Serendipity (n.) The chance occurrence of events in a beneficial way. ... More items...•13 May 2019

What can I say instead of good better?

synonyms for betterexceptional.improved.superior.choice.preferred.sophisticated.preferable.prominent.More items...

Is Best Better Than Good?

Make sure that you always write than between two things or people you are comparing. Finally, there are three very common adjectives that have very irregular comparative and superlative forms. They are good > better > best, bad > worse > worst and far > further > furthest: His laptop is better than mine.

What is the superlative form of beautiful?

most beautiful The superlative form of the adjective beautiful is most beautiful, not beautifullest.

What is the Beautifulest girl?

According to Science, Bella Hadid is the Most Beautiful Woman in the World. Find out how the supermodels face just measured for almost absolute symmetry. According to a study by renowned cosmetic surgeon Julian De Silva, Bella Hadid holds the crown for the most beautiful woman in the world.

What is a best girl anime?

The term comes from fans choosing their favourite choice in harem / female-dominated shows. Its hard to pinpoint when or why the term came about, but using some keywords in Google Trends, best girl anime seems to become popular around 2007. Best Girl is generally your favourite character.

100+ Interesting Words You Should Slip Into Conversation To Sound Intelligent

A black cocktail dress with a gold belt. A white dress with a blousy, frilly top.

Why is bestest not a word?

Not bad for a player who insists he is not a shutout goalie. I was having a bad dream.


She made a very bad impression on her future colleagues. We've been having bad weather lately. The medicine left a bad taste in his mouth. It's a bad time for business right now. Things are looking pretty bad for us at this point. I have a bad feeling about this.

Noun There's more good than bad in him. We need to teach our children the difference between good and bad. Adverb He hasn't succeeded because he doesn't want it bad enough.

Why is bestest not a word?

James, Detroit Free Press, 25 Oct. History and Etymology for bad Adjective Middle English badde, bad, of obscure origin Note: The Middle English word apparently appears as a surname or element in surnames in the 13th century, but as an independent adjective not before the 14th century.

Noun Middle English badde, noun derivative of badde Adverb adverbial derivative of Choose the Right Synonym for bad, and mean not doing or being what is right.

He had to stay after school for bad behavior.

Why is bestest not a word?

Criminals were planning evil deeds. He was a very wicked ruler who caused many people harm.

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