Question: Who is Andrea Bocellis son?

How many sons did Andrea Bocelli have?

Wife and Sons Bocelli married his first wife, Enrica, in 1992. The couple had two sons, Amos and Matteo, before separating in 2002. That same year, Bocelli met Veronica Berti, who would become his manager. The couple welcomed a daughter, Virginia, in 2012.

How much is Pavarotti worth?

Pavarottis fortune has been estimated at up to 300 million euros ($474.2 million), including $15 million in U.S. assets.

What made Pavarotti so special?

Simply put, Pavarotti had an incomparable voice, perfect diction, a connection to the humanity of every character he sang, and a winning personality that made him irresistible to all who heard him. It has become a bit of a cliché among some opera lovers who called him a lazy artist who did not fulfill his potential.

Was Pavarotti rude?

He obviously has - or had - a truly stupendous voice, matched for magnificence perhaps only by the size of his stomach. But, according to a book to be published this autumn, Luciano Pavarotti is also childish, obsessive, over-demanding, lecherous and very, very rude.

Who inherited Pavarotti wealth?

Under Italian law, 50 per cent of Pavarottis estate will be split equally between his four daughters, with a further 25 per cent given to his widow. Pavarotti allocated the final quarter to Mantovani, who worked as his secretary during his first marriage. He left his wife of 35 years, Adua, to live with her in 1996. Who is Andrea Bocellis son?

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