Question: How do you impress a Colombian man?


When I first arrived in Colombia I was because I could not understand Colombians. Colombian slang has its own set of expressions and slang. Colombia is a country with a large number of inhabitants and a variety of accents throughout. This lends itself to many types of words being adapted nationally. Below, are some of the most popular Colombian slang words, Colombian slang insults and Colombian slang greetings in general.

I hear this several times a day but when I first arrived I thought people were always asking me if I was ready. But the Colombian Spanish for hangover is guayabo. Example: Este man es muy buena persona This man is a very good person. A la orden Colombians are extremely polite and there is a sense of formality in their speech.

How do you impress a Colombian man? serving you, from a taxi driver to a grocery store clerk will say this to you. I did not understand this one at all, especially when I would complain to taxi drivers that they were charging me too much and they responded with this phrase which really meant get of the cab gringa. Caliente Caliente does not only mean hot but it also means horny in Colombian slang.

I learned this the hard way when my dance partner did not realize I was saying I was hot temperature wise. Update: A kind friend just wrote me it was because I said estoy cliente and not tengo calor. Hacer una vaca Although this Colombian slang translates to make a cow. It is not quite far off.

Colombians do it a lot to buy food, for vacations, for parties, for birthdays, etc. Example: Hagamos una vaca para irnos de paseo el fin de semana. In Colombia friends also become part of the family, although in Colombia they are also very friendly and they use parcero to be more friendly and to enter in confidence.

This was the only slang that annoyed me as I could not find the verb in any dictionary. Vaina This term can refer to an object, situation or action.

How do you impress a Colombian man?

Balvin and Maluma, both from Medellin, have the song Que Pena. Vieja It is another way of referring to a How do you impress a Colombian man?. In Spanish it means that the woman is old, but in Colombia it is used to refer to a woman, even if she is young. Many of which can be very sweet, so they are said to be hostigantes. Example: Ese arroz con leche es muy hostigante. Example: Ese chino se puso a llorar otra vez.

Camello In Spanish it also normally refers to the animal you find in the desert with 2 humps. How do you impress a Colombian man? Al fin me salió camello enseñando inglés en una universidad. And actually it means hump day, makes so much more sense with Colombian slang. Example: Este intenso no deja de llamarme. You must take everything in context to understand when you are being insulted. Sometimes it may sound ugly, but may not entirely be an insult.

How do you impress a Colombian man?

In Latin America, it is more common to hear hijo de puta, but in Colombia it is adapted as hijueputa or jueputa. Many times it is used when something goes wrong, but it is also used when you fight or want to insult someone.

Gonorrea This Colombian slang is very common in Medellin. However, it is a Colombian word that is also used in the rest of Colombia. Gonorrea is technically sexually transmitted infection. But in beloved Colombia it is used as an insult. Example: Entonces que gonorrea…in many cases if you want to be much more rude, you can combine gonorrea with Hijueputa…Entonces que gonorrea hijueputa.

In Colombia it is someone who is too slow or too dumb. Example: Este si es mucho huevon. Culear It refers only to the act of having sex, in other countries it is used to follar, coger, etc.

In Colombia they use culear, although it is not very nice to say. Example: Que man tan sapo… How do you impress a Colombian man? How nosy you are. Qué maricada It is used to refer to something ridiculous, stupid or not worthwhile. For example: ¿Está llorando por eso? Example: Que regalo tan pichurria o que man tan pichurria. En What a boring gift or That man is a piece of shit.

Colombian Slang Greetings As a traveler I love surprising people by knowing the less formal ways to speak in Spanish. So in Cuba, I say que bola? In Colombia there are several ways of greeting people that are somewhat different from other Spanish-speaking countries. These are the Colombian Spanish greetings: Quihubo It is very common in Colombia, it is an informal form and it is used with people you already know or relatives. A lthough when talking fast, it sounds more like a ¡Quihubo!

You can use this greeting in a phone call, through WhatsApp or in person. You How do you impress a Colombian man? sound quite paisa, that is someone of Medellin. Just as there are compliments that may not be as good, some of them make women smile, either because it is funny or because the woman is really flattered.

Colombians on the whole speak pretty clearly, albeit much faster than in central america.

How can I impress a boy physically?

Also, this guide of useful slang is really only useful for folks who literally speak little to no Spanish. Any Spanish speaker would easily understand these words. There are many expressions that are unique to each Latin American country, and I encourage anyone traveling, or moving to a Spanish-speaking country to perform a quick google search to discover what they are. We had the same problem in Argentina after a few months in Peru and Ecuador.

We thought we had a great grasp on the language, then we entered Argentina and thought they were speaking something completely different. It can be quite frustrating. What a great, helpful post. Good words there… One of the funny things about Spanish is that every single country modifies it in a significant way. While I native spanish speaker can communicate fluently with any South and Central America spanish speaker, they all have different words for many things, or they switch words, meanings, and context.

You probably learned Spanish from a Mexican teacher like most people in the statesand that is why you could not understand Colombians. After reading some of your blog I realized that your previous idea about some of expressions was inaccurate. Moreover, if you think Colombians are hard to understand, wait until you speak with Cubans or the people from the Caribbean….

Oddly enough while many people say Colombians speak the clearest Spanish, I find Ecuadorians much easier to understand. In my particular town, they are known for changing How do you impress a Colombian man? slang language as soon as everyone figures out what it means. And since I know this, it will probably change to something else next week.

Marica would be a pejorative term for a gay male, however between heterosexuals means buddy, friend… even between female close friends!

How do you impress a Colombian man?

It has many many meanings: Que chimba! Catalina is hot and beautiful No me chimbee! No, no way Que cuento mas chimbo!

When someone is telling you a story you can tell is bullshit Que parche tan chimbo! When the hanging out with friends is boring Que día tan chimbo! I would say main thing about Colombian slang is that it depends on which region you are visiting. The key to fitting in with the paisas is just saying pues every time you pause of think.

Sizas — A How do you impress a Colombian man? that often How do you impress a Colombian man? or poorer Colombians say yes. Ome — I think How do you impress a Colombian man? an abreviation of hombre, makes me feel like a mexican in a film when i drop that one in.

It means son of a bitch, but it can also be used as an exclamation point. Both meaning something is good, although chimba can also mean something is bad. Colombians are refreshingly direct, but it takes some adjusting to.

Grilla pronounced greejah — a word used in medellin to describe women who liked to drink and party. Women use it as a negative but men are obviously sometimes attracted by the idea.

Also, Colombians sometimes point with their lips. Ah, another one I like. Use your imagination as to why. This should be used with caution as it is rather an indelicate term. Arepa is both a delicious food and can also be used as a slang for lady parts. Its funny what happens to Canadians, specially west Canadians, with Colombian Spanish.

While for many Americans, British and overall Europeans find very clear Colombian Spanish, Canadians always say we are rumbling words and that they prefere Costa Rica´s or Nicaragua´s Spanish. As a matter of truth for me as Colombian it is almost impossible to tell the diference between people of tis three countries. Great post, Colombia and Perú where How do you impress a Colombian man? am from are very similar countries and we have pretty much the same slang, but, some of it, has different meaning don´t ask me why.

For example in Peru chimba means cabeza. And we say bacan instead of bacano. In Calli, we also always use oye, mire, vea as a way of starting conversation and getting your attention on a topic or on something. Berraca can also be used to describe a badass cool hard working woman who gets what she wants fierce ie. But sereously, nice blog Ayngelina. You can learn de deepest roots of a culture knowing how it comunícate. I am from Bogotá and we use to finish the words with the diminutive ito ita Hahaha.

I asked a friend about this for you as I would think it should end in A not O. He said that no one shortens Patricio, which is why patico only refers to a woman. But pato and patica are also used — again only in Colombia. Is she being hyper Anglophile? You can hear most slangs there, particularly paisa. Feel free to correct me as needed. Leave a Reply Your email address will not be published.

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