Question: Why cant I cancel my match subscription?


Doing so is, fortunately, Why cant I cancel my match subscription? easy to do. You just need to follow a few steps to cancel your membership so that you can stop being charged and be done with the site altogether. Read on to learn how to cancel your Match. It also enrolls you automatically Why cant I cancel my match subscription?

auto-pay. They do tell you this, but it is buried in the small print that nobody reads. You will still have access to the site until your subscription period is over. Then you will have to subscribe again if you want to regain access.

Cancel Your Membership from a Mobile Device If you signed up for your subscription using iTunes or the Google Play Store, then you will need to cancel your membership in the same way. Or call them at 800-326-5161 or write to them at Match. Box 25472, Dallas, Texas 75225. Be sure to be clear that you want them to cancel your membership so that you are no longer charged. To permanently delete your account, you need to call them at 800-326-5161 and insist on a complete deletion.

The process is quite simple once you have Why cant I cancel my match subscription? Match. Want more information about online dating? Want to get a fresh start? I want you to cancelled my subscription and return my money back on my card I ve been cancelled 15 days after a was charge with the first amount because you have to pay for everything so! I need you to cancelled and delete me from there! I did talk to my bank to block you off! Do not charge me anymore!

I never contacted nobody this page is so difficult to go in to there! Everything is about money money! Please again delete my account!

Why cant I cancel my match subscription?

I did but still charging me! I did not have a good experience with your matches.

How To Cancel eHarmony the Easy Way

I hid my profile months ago as that was what I was told to do. I have not used your service in a very long time. I did not agree to any type of automatic renewal. I am not using the sweetthing e-mail address anymore. I had unsubscribed but the extra step in actually deleting the profile was a bit hidden.

Why I can't cancel my subscription that they already charged me.

To all those commenting to Match. They are not affiliated with the site directly and cannot help you with your account on a personal level. I am going to go online and expose the disgusting emails I have received from a member. I have tried to quit by sending a request to match to cancel my membership. I have notified my bank to cancel those funds. I want out of my membership!!!!!!!

Why cant I cancel my match subscription?

You are causing problems with a woman I have met over a week ago. I am not spending money with you to send out Fake info.

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