Question: Is Congo safe for tourists?


Hello, Kinshasa is pretty safe, as long as you stay in the rich areas Gombe, Ngaliema. It's safe from 5:00 am to 10:00 pm. During the night, you never know. The policemen are pretty bothering if you don't know them.

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You need to avoid them as much as you can and live your life as if they didn't exist. You can take the taxi and go to any restaurant or any place you want without the slightest problem. You need to avoid public gatherings as well. Apart from Is Congo safe for tourists?

Is Congo safe for tourists?

the night, the outskirts of the city, the policemen and the public gatheringsKinshasa is a safe place where to live or spend some time. Hi I consider myself a well traveled person, until I came to Kinshasa. Certainly not a bad thing, however you need to understand the culture here which is very different from any other African country I have visited, afterall there are nearly 18 million people living in Kinshasa and it's surrounds.

Is Congo safe for tourists?

Let's start with the language. French is by far the most commonly spoken language - if you can't understand or speak it you will need somebody who does. When communicating here, people speak very loudly which can often be very intimidating - most will debate or argue but violence is never an option.

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You will definitely need a local contact to know how to get around and deal with the police who will stop most vehicles with foreigners to obtain a bribe.

So in short, an amazing country with amazing people, a place that I will certainly want to re-visit but only with my very good knowledgeable friend from Kinshasa. You are welcome to contact me should you need any further info. Kind regards, A lucky Man P.

You will be blown away by the manner in which traffic operates here, there are no rules so expect a very different experience!

Is Congo safe for tourists?

So I assume in the evening it is some kind of anarchy in the streets. You can find my notes and photos about my visit to Kinshasa, here.

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