Question: How old is Jibril blessing?



On Friday April 15, celebrated Kenyan cinematographer, music producer and music video director Jibril Blessing alias J Blessing officially turned 34 years old.

Photo: J Blessing This was clear in his recent posts on his insta stories, where he flaunted how some netizens had penned different birthday messages to him as shown below. Avril and J Blessing For sometime now, rumours have been rife that J Blessing is secretly dating Avril Nyambura, and that he is even allegedly the father to her 3 year old son.

How old is Jibril blessing?

Photo: Avril Nyambura These speculations also seem not to go away anytime soon, because of how she has been penning sweet messages to J Blessing on his birthday over the years. For example in April 2021, she posted his photo on her Instagram account and gushed over him saying that he is her voice of reason. It is reported that during his birthday in 2020, Avril again paraded his photos on her Instagram account and thanked J Blessing for being present in her life. I thank God for for you.

The two have however never openly said that they are in a relationship.

How old is Jibril blessing?

He also had a child with Tokelezea hit maker Chantal named Kyle Blessing, but according to reports the baby boy unfortunately died due to a short illness. Content created and supplied by: Liwiwriter via Opera News .

How old is Jibril blessing?

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