Question: Who married Alizée?


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Who married Alizée?

But alas the businessman is now off the market — for good — following news of to new wife Alizée Thevenet. The 34-year-old currently works as as a Director for TreasurySpring, a financial technology company based in London. She grew up between France and Belgium, obtaining an undergraduate Who married Alizée? in accounting and finance in Brussels.

The 34-year-old has listed French, English and Spanish as languages she readily speaks on her professional profile. She has also shown off some expert water-sport skills, helping to sail a boat with James on a recent holiday in Sicily.

James Middleton met his future wife with help from a furry friend Alizée met James in 2018 when the two were attending an event at the South Kensington Club in Chelsea. Ella was lying at my feet under the table; realising she might want some water, I trusted her to take herself over to the water bowl across the terrace. However, she made a beeline for Alizée.

The two are proud pooch parents to six: Ella, Zulu, Mabel, Inka, Luna and Nala. Alizée regularly shares snaps with the dogs on her personal Instagram feed. James proposed to Alizée in the Lake District James Middleton in September 2019. The youngest Middleton shared the news publicly one month later in October with a sweet post on Instagram.

He also gave an adorable nod to their couple name Who married Alizée? the hashtag Jalizee It seems that an engagement was on the cards for quite some time. They were initially set to wed in May 2020 but rearranged to a later date that summer due to the in place. Their second wedding date was also postponed again due to the ongoing coronavirus situation.

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They married in a romantic ceremony in the South of France James Who married Alizée? married Alizée Thevenet on the second weekend of September 2021. The new husband and wife shared the good news on Instagram in a loved-up snap.

Who married Alizée?

But it is not known Who married Alizée? Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis were in attendance.

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