Question: Is Shakira short or tall?

How old is Shakira?

44 years (February 2, 1977) Shakira/Age

People like Shakira and Jada Pinkett do cheer me up and in fact it was never such an issue to me. I really hate feelin this way especially since I love my sis so much, but I just can't help it. She doesn't even look close to what you said. I understand you wanting to defend the tall ladies, but do not insult the short ones in the process. There are beauties on both sides. These I think are the same shoes I've seen her wear in a pic posted on here before where you can see the back of the wedge which looked around 12-13cm.

And happy 30th birthday Shaki!! I am short i wear shoes wich look tall but not that tall. However Shakira has claimed that she is also 1. She's definately not the 5'2-3 like some say, even if you haven't met her you can see it pictures where you can see her feet. That pic with Zidane she must be standing on higher ground if she's 1. I think she increase it Is Shakira short or tall? satisfy herself a litle more and so peple wont make such a big deal about her being so small.

Lots of peple say shemust be at least this tall because she looks it in pictures next to other peple, but in most you cannot see her heels, and as evryone knows they are often very big! Though i still dnt think so because she has said 4'11 before and in one article I read she said she was a proud 1. Glenn in normal shoes would be 5'9. She's probably 5'1-2 with her shoes on, and 4'11 barefooted, and I read the other day when asked what she misses most about not being famous was 'going out in her barefeet.

However, its funny how she manages to look so tall when she is in heels. Lil Kim also 4'11, wears big heels and never manages to look that tall.

Is Shakira short or tall?

Its funny how heels can do a lot for some and so little for others. Shakira is practically Glenn's height in her heels and Lil Kim is still much smaller in hers. I noticed the same thing when comparing Britney Spears 5'4 and Kelly Clarkson 5'4.

Kelly is still shorter than most men in her heels whereas Britney Is Shakira short or tall? as tall as the men. When girls say their height not often will they inflate it by accident or on purpose but when you're like Shakira's height its possible she's boosting it up 2 inches. Because I've seen girls in the past that are 5'11-6'0 and claim to be 5'10. Shakira has been always listed as 4'11 when her career began.

Even before when she was only famous in latinamerica she was listed as 1. Then she became 5 and now u list her as 5'11. So I guess if next year she wins more grammys she will be 5'2. Unless there are things wich really make adult people grow. You can't really tell how tall someone is unless they're in their barefeet, which I'm sure she doesn't go out in her barefeet.

I just don't see where this common 4'11 thing came from if she's really 5'2 like stated, and what would make J-14 decrease her height by 5 inches 4'9which i dont believe but i recon 5' is most accurate. My favorite television show Is Shakira short or tall? America's Next Top Model, all of those girls are tall and beautiful.

I just wish they would have a 5' model to show that short people can be beautiful models. Is Shakira short or tall? have the hardest time finding clothes that fit my petite figure. I think if the world had more petite models and petite items in store's it would boost our confidence in so many ways. I am really small everywhere except for my breast. I have Is Shakira short or tall? hard time finding bra's my size, because im so small around I wear a 32D. If I buy a bra from any store I have to get a 34C or 34D and it is no back support.

I have seriuos back problems from my breast. I think that if they would make things such as bras to fit Petite women they wouldnt have so much trouble trying to Is Shakira short or tall?

in with the rest of the world! If your woundering, no I dont have breast implants. Most people, unless they're standing right up against me, think i'm 5'1. Shakira carries herself well which automatically adds a couple inches to peoples' perception of her. And I doubt she has a height complex. I may hate being short but that doesn't mean I feel inferior to those taller than me.

Is Shakira short or tall?

When you see her dancing with a guy, she doesn't want you thinking how much taller he is. Hiding the huge heels used to Is Shakira short or tall? herself closer to average, is just smart or else people would spend their time looking at her feet and not her beautiful face and body. I applaud her for doing it in so tasteful a way. Shakira made an appearance at the local K-Mart and was signing autographs and taking pictures with fans.

While waiting on line there was a delay at one point as she needed a break. The couple in front of me left as they could not wait any longer and this meant I was next in line. After about 15 minutes I was allowed to go into the room with the photographers Is Shakira short or tall? the promoters and saw Shakira sipping a soft drink as she had just completed her lunch. What got my attention was that she had her shoes off next to the desk where she was sitting and they looked like elevator shoes.

In fact, they were the same shoes that she is wearing in the pictures some have linked from this site. She was obviously barefoot and after she signed my autograph book she stood up for our picture and before standing slipped into her shoes.

After the picture was taken and we were shaking hands I was able to gather that that she was about one inch taller than me. I didn't get to talk with her, but I was pretty close to the stage so I could see her well. She was barefoot and looked really small, Is Shakira short or tall? a little child! Honestly,from further away you'd think it's a child hopping around on stage. She wasn't wearing any make-up or so little that it looked like she had no make-up on and still looked gorgeous!

Well yes latins are short, not all of course, but they usually can be. If you are under 154 u are short. Im 149cm Im latin and yeah people call me as short all the time but lot of latin girls can be my height. She said she was called as a dwarf in colombia, and that she was the shortest in her class. And the guys here really like shorter girls because the Dutch Is Shakira short or tall? are so tall. I am 5 ft 10 and thats a normal Is Shakira short or tall? in the Netherlands.

But most men in Holland like petite girls because they arent much short girls in Holland. I really wish I was shorter, like 5. It would be so beautiful if I was shorter. Would you call Elle McPherson, Cindy Crawford, Sharon Stone, Faith Hill, Sophia Loren, and Sandra Bullock, ugly? They're all over 5'7, and I don't think any guy in his right mind would kick them out of bed, lol. Be proud of your height. As far as men go, if they or anyone else uses your height as reason to 'dismiss' you, they're not worth your time anyway.

Eva Longoria, Carmen Electra, Rachel Bilson, Nelly Furtado, Kylie Minogue, Christina Aquilera, Kelly Clarkson,Shakira, Olsen-Twins etc. Guys always prefer a girl to be 5foot to 5foot4. Or you can see the video Is Shakira short or tall? her performance in Saturday night live La Tortura feat Alejandro Sanz and she wore sport shoes and she looked tall.

18 Celebrities Who Are Really, Really Short

Take a look at her feet in this pic next to wycliffe jean is it just me or does there appear Is Shakira short or tall? be some kind of wedge under her sole? So, by size association she's a little shorter than me. Also, there is an article of her when she had just started her singing career. The magazine states her height back then as 1. People do judge other people on height. However, it's not so bad being female and short.

In fact a lot of guys find petite girls really cute. Being a guy and short is a different matter. Short guys say 5'5 and below can discount about 80% of women as romantic prospects, before other factors like looks and personality even come into play. Unless they are rich of course :- J. Looking at some the pics of Shakira, I can say she's no more than an even 5 feet.

She's very clever with the thick heels she wears and how she conceals them. Lebanese women just tend to be small, that's all. By visiting Celeb Heights you agree to its and. Other vital statistics like weight or shoe size measurements have been sourced from newspapers, books, resumes or social media. Celebrity Fan Photos and Agency Pictures of stars are © to their respective owners.

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