Question: Whats the most secure chat app?

Is Kik Chat Safe?

Kik complies with any advances by law enforcement as well. The apps Trust and Safety team is on call 24/7 for emergency disclosure requests. Generally, Kik cant read your messages, but it can view images and videos, retaining them until they are sent.

Yall got some explaining to do. Only downloaded this app to leave a review then its gone.

‎WhatsApp Desktop on the Mac App Store

Probably gonna get Epstiened for this but this needs attention brought to it. Anywho got an ad for this app on tik tok and literally all it is is some 13-14 year old girl dressed in a way no child should be dressed. And in reading the comments on the ad people are all saying the same thing, I've came across it multiple times on tik tok.

Whats the most secure chat app?

Something needs to be done about this. Numerous people have reported the ad and not a single thing happens. Im not sure where you the marketing team find the stuff for your ads but its gotta stop. The app Whats the most secure chat app? rated for 17+ and you have a child dancing like that for a advertisement? Exploiting a minor like that all for the sake of attracting God only knows what creatures are gonna crawl out of the cesspool and flood the app.

Whats the most secure chat app?

Its sick and just needs to be shut down for good. There should be a pretty clear line drawn on what is acceptable and whats not. But seriously I hope something comes of this. Developer ResponseThe main purpose of Coco is to create a safe and secure environment that our users can go live, meet, and chat with other users on our platform. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I have checked the ad and the person in the ad is actually over 18+, however since perception is important we have decided to remove the ad.

Thanks for the feedback and we hope you will give our app a chance and see why it's the 1 live streaming app on the app store!


I downloaded thinking it was like social media where you can stream and chat with people around the world including all genders like friendships.

Privates are basically to pay you to get naked. They want to see your privates as in sexual. They sent me diamonds to try to convince me to do a private.

I saw what it was and deleted it.

Whats the most secure chat app?

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