Question: Why do Lgbtq smoke more?


Studies and Why do Lgbtq smoke more? internationally highlight that queer people continue to be less satisfied with healthcare than the general population.

However, in practice this is not always the case. The discrimination ranged from healthcare professionals avoiding eye contact with the patient or their partner and assuming their identity to outright refusing of treatment. One in Why do Lgbtq smoke more? were pressured through healthcare to access services to change or question their sexuality. This figure was nearly double for young people, people of colour and people with disabilities.

One in five transgender people had been pressured to undergo conversion therapy by a healthcare professional. They experience social pressure to conform to what is widely held to be 'the norm' both in society in general and also within communities, often experiencing a disconnect between trying to fit in and being their true selves.

This figure was almost two in five 37% for trans people and one in three 33% for non-binary people. There are high levels of mental health problems, and in the queer community, particularly among trans and non-binary people. Nearly half of transgender people considered taking their own life in the last year.

These issues have been linked to discrimination, a lack of acceptance and an inability to access the necessary services, including gender identity clinics.

Why are smoking rates higher in LGBT communities?

Disabled queer people can experience multiple levels of discrimination, as well as additional struggles to receive the right care. They may also find their sexuality dismissed entirely as people with physical and learning disabilities often find that their sex and love lives are overlooked or ignored. Domestic abuse from a partner is another area where it is important for healthcare professionals to recognise sexuality and gender-based disparities.

According to thein the general population, 6% of women and 3% of men experienced intimate partner violence in the last year. The figures are even higher for people who are bisexual women: 13%; men: 12% or trans or non-binary 19%.

As well as a health gap, the ongoing '' has been linked to increased levels of poverty and queer people being massively over-represented in the homeless population. How can we make healthcare inclusive?

But there is still work to do.

Why do Lgbtq smoke more?

Policy makers should move towards a population health approach to effectively reflect and cater to the needs of marginalised populations, she says. We need to extend this programme to publicise the rainbow badge and what it stands for within public spaces in healthcare services.

Why do Lgbtq smoke more?

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Why do Lgbtq smoke more?

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