Question: Are Saabs rare?


It was towed to my house, from there, it was lowered off the tow-truck, whereupon, to my delight, it started right up, ran like normal, and I drove it into my driveway, safe and sort of sound.

Evaporator coil leaks, radiator leaks. The motor, front suspension, steering, struts, wheels, are un-affected by the wreck, the damage went as far back as the radiator.

All the glass is fine, seats are normal Are Saabs rare? this age see pics. Normal body wear and tear for a vehicle of this age. I am very motivated to sell, happy to answer questions. Make me an offer, guys!! More photos available in classified gallery:. I am not parting out the car, this is an all or nothing deal. It will need to be towed. I find myself with too many projects so this one has to go. I have the parts to rebuid the engine if you are so inclined.

Individual Item Are Saabs rare? available upon request. Decent shape but could use some paint. They look straight and true, but I haven't had them on a car. Tires in photo will be removed and I've cleaned Are Saabs rare? the wheels pretty well. Looks like dipstick may have broken into valve body. The Compotive reproductions come with spun aluminum center caps which are not the correct caps. These have metal logos and spring clips in the back.

I have decades of experience rebuilding Saab transmissions for dealers, independents, owners and racers. One year unlimited mileage guaranty. Sorry no longer rebuilding automatics or four speeds, C900 five speeds only. Stored in air conditioned house. Vintage Saab parts - collecting for 45 years.

Are Saabs rare?

Continuing finding rare parts daily as I organize. Moving into my new shop. My collection of over 45 years of vintage Saab performance parts. More photos Are Saabs rare? in classified gallery:. We can help you save money by either troubleshooting, repairing or replacing defective amps using only genuine saab parts. Call or come here directly, we can also pre-quote over the phone. You should look at it and for signs of rust, water Are Saabs rare? water damage, any of these will rule in the end and cause it to slowly just charge your battery, we can add your short protection to your amp and or complete waterproofing.

Windows that won't run Are Saabs rare?, snowfall in between the door and driver seat, Door seals that leak, Block sunroof drainage. Rear Are Saabs rare? seals bad, Kids or friends with Wet boots or drinks and sitting behind the driver. If your Are Saabs rare? is dead or not charging unplug the amp to see if it's a problem. We have serviced and sold hundreds of saab sound systems made from 1982 to 2010, we are the only shop that can make that claim.

We want to thank all our customers for their positive posts and emails. Include your phone number when emailing for information or help, our shipping address is Saabradio 1109 Howard Ave. Has a clean Oregon title.

Are Saabs rare?

Parts car, restoration project, lawn art, so many possibilities. Comes with box of Saab 96 parts I'm too lazy to sort through, but you take it all, or take nothing, Are Saabs rare? parting out. More photos available in classified gallery:. They are bagged and ready to go.

I purchased the tires from Tire Rack several days ago and then decided to sell the vehicle this summer in light of an offer to buy something newer and all wheel drive.

I currently have my extra set of wheels with snow tires on vehicle. Are Saabs rare? more parts just ask, possible delivery of some parts to Carlisle.

Mostly 9-3 and 9-5 and also some 900C items. The bike is still in box and has never been opened. Included is the original Gary Fisher water bottle and key chain. These wheels were painted white to match the car at that time. Shop also has a large inventory of 9-3 and 9-5 wheels of different years and models.

Saab 9

Call and check for what you need. Call if you are looking for something. Lug Bolts included, if you want them some washers missing. They need refurbished and should clean up nicely. More photos available in classified gallery:. Comes with passenger and back seat in leather driver is very torn up and I need it to move the car around Carpet, door cards, etc are in like new shape. The seats have no tears but have some cracks and imperfections.

Set of slant nose headlights. Door patch panels for the bottoms, both doors. I also have a complete rust free 1991 black convertible for specific body parts, other various parts. I park it for the winter so I'm selling the four mounted snows that Are Saabs rare?

don't use anymore. I used the tires for about 8K-9K miles before I put them in the shed. They're in good shape with plenty of tread remaining One is a slow leaker so I just add air every few weeks in the winter.

Do you remember any of these obscure SUVs?

Sale completed on May 9, 2022. Photos available by Text Are Saabs rare? my cell phone list below. Lease the 10,000 sq ft building with nine work stations and four lifts, office space, waiting area, restrooms and warehouse space. Excellent reputation and growth potential in wholesale and retail parts marketing all could be yours and if you thought it stopped there, we also service and repair Subaru's. Business and technical training pkg included.

Contact my broker Michael Westover at 385-528-8584 or email: Or me, Matt at phone number below. Includes new, correct lug bolts and proper reproduction center caps. This is from a dark green '94.

It is wired with the Metra 70-1784 Receiver Wiring Harness and a Metra dash kit with pocket that fits a 1999-2002 Saab 9-3.

It is used and there is some black sticky goo from electrical tape on the metal frame but it works great and is a nice way to modernize from the stock audio. I Are Saabs rare? a 1991 model in 1998 and sold it in 2013. I forgot to offer this to the buyer at that time boxed up in garage I only used it once.

I had them refinished and powder coated in a Bronze Anthracite finish. They spin true and look great! Include carbon fiber look center caps as well.

Ideally I would find someone Are Saabs rare?, but I am sure I could box them up if I had to. Fits Saab 93 and similar cars. Be sure to confirm proper size for your car. More photos available in classified gallery:. Includes keys to each accessory. The feet are particular to a 9000 and have a pin that fits in body at top of door. The feet attach and tighten with the knob. Are Saabs rare? are three covers which fit over the knob and lock.

I am missing the fourth. If it turns up I am happy to provide it. The feet are functional without the lock. The accessories are interchangeable with other systems, but the feet are specific. If someone is interested in the feet alone I could sell the accessories separately. For usage guidelines, see the.

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