Question: How many Second Life viewers are there?

How many Second Life users are there?

900,000 In a recent interview with VICE News, Ebbe Altberg, the current CEO of Linden Lab, stated that Second Life has about 900,000 active users.

Who bought Second Life?

And now its about to change in a big way, at least in terms of who owns it, as yesterday Linden Lab announced that its been acquired. “Linden Research, Inc. announced today it signed an agreement to be acquired by an investment group led by Randy Waterfield and Brad Oberwager.

What is Black Dragon for Second Life?

Black Dragon, formerly known as Nirans Viewer is a Viewer created and designed to change the way you experience Second Life in a whole, starting by changing defaults, declining all sorts of bells and whistles no one needs, re-designing the User Interface and trying things other Viewers are too scared of.

Is Second Life Dying 2020?

Its a new decade and Second Life is still alive and well. More than anything its a testament to the values and principles it very ferociously stands for despite all the unwarranted negativity it received over the years.

How do I uninstall Black Dragon?

Q: How do i uninstall the Viewer? A: To uninstall the Viewer you currently have to delete the Viewer folder, Cache folder and Settings folder manually, these are located in different locations, some of them only reachable with some basic knowledge.

What is Black Dragon?

The black dragon is a variety of chromatic dragon from the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game. They are also known as skull dragons and sometimes swamp dragons due to their tendency to build their lairs in swamps. Blacks are perhaps the most malicious and evil of all dragons.

Why is gacha banned Second Life?

Due to a changing regulatory climate Second Life studio Linden Lab has announced that starting August 31, chance-based content purchases—gacha, in other words—will be banned entirely. Vendors selling gacha content will need to re-tool their products or else face enforcement starting September 1.

How do you use the black dragon?

1:3722:54Some Basics of Taking Photos in Black Dragon - YouTubeYouTube

How do you reset Black Dragon?

Q: How do i reset options? A: The UI has a neat little feature for that. You can right click any slider or spinner to reset them back to their previous value. You can also CTRL + Right Click them to reset them to their default value coming with the Viewer.

Is Black dragon a drug?

Black tar, also known as Black Dragon, is a new, smokable form of heroin that some experts believe will overtake crack cocaine in popularity. Black tar heroin is produced in the Mexican states of Durango, Sinaloa, and Sonora.

Is Gacha life getting banned in 2021?

Gacha Life is not shutting down or getting banned in 2021. Theres articles that can be found online saying it is getting banned this year, but you can easily tell that the articles are fake and nothing more than a prank.

Recently, I a study written by virtual worlds consultancywhich reported that membership of virtual worlds grew by 39% in the second quarter of 2009 to an estimated 579 million. Today, I received an update from the and it appears that is experiencing a second life of its own. These numbers represent significant milestones for not only Second Life, but the virtual worlds industry in general. The company also shared additional stats that are work noting and sharing: In total, users around the world have spent more than one billion hours in Second Life.

User hours grew 33% year-over-year to an all-time high of 126 million in Q2 2009. Second Life Residents spend an average of about 100 minutes inworld per visit. This average session time is significantly greater than those seen with popular social networking websites and reveals the uniquely high level of engagement Residents have with Second Life.

The inworld economy grew 94% year-over-year from Q2 2008 to Q2 2009.


Residents create more than 250,000 new virtual goods every day — from clothing to vehicles to buildings to automatic language translators, and more. There are now more than 270 terabytes of content in Second Life, and this is growing by approximately 100% every year.

More than 18 billion minutes of voice chat have been used in Second Life since voice was introduced in 2007. Approximately 1,250 text-based messages are sent every second in Second Life, and more than 600 million words are typed on an average day. The total land area of Second Life is now equivalent to approximately two billion square meters — roughly the size of the state of Rhode Island.

Land in Second Life has grown roughly 18% from Q1 of 2009 and approximately 75% since Q1 of 2008. As the creator and original seller of all virtual land in Second Life, Linden Lab is not only the provider of the worlds largest platform for user-generated virtual goods, but also a leading virtual goods vendor itself.

For a deeper review of the Second Life update and report, please read this post bya trusted and and astute Second Life reporter.

How many Second Life viewers are there?

I'm increasingly un-impressed at quantitative measures of the Web experience and in particular, social media. You've got a great summary here — don't get me wrong. But I think we read a lot of this — day in and day out. What about the quality of those text messages that get sent? How many are commercial v personal, effective commercial messages, misplaced krass come-ons?

How many Second Life viewers are there?

Yet all we do is throw money at banners on Facebook — and ignore research that continually suggests what a waste it all is. Marketers seem committed to using social quantitatively — mass communications. Just my thoughts but what am I missing here or just not getting? But you're right, in the end, these numbers must be more substantive to truly invite me to spend more time analyzing their meaning.

But you're right, in the end, these numbers How many Second Life viewers are there? be more substantive to truly invite me to spend more time analyzing their meaning. James Au seems to do great work: ….

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