Question: What is the size of Brong Ahafo?


Abstract The 1980s marked the beginning of a significant shift in the pattern of Dagaaba migration to southern Ghana. Instead of the mining centres of Obuasi Ashanti region and Prestea and Tarkwa Western region respectively, many Dagaaba men and women have been migrating to predominantly agricultural areas in the Brong Ahafo region.

Districts in Brong Ahafo Region and Their Capitals

There is also evidence that Dagaaba migrants, who previously worked in the What is the size of Brong Ahafo? and coastal regions, have been relocating to the Brong Ahafo region when they either lost their jobs or retired. The article adds to the ongoing discussion on the migration phenomenon in sub-Saharan Africa by foregrounding the internal ways in which communities themselves shape migration through extended, gendered social debates over production and reproduction.

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What is the size of Brong Ahafo?

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What is the size of Brong Ahafo?

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