Question: Which ANTM season is best?

Which model from ANTM is the most successful?

Power-Ranking the 15 Most Successful Americas Next Top Model ContestantsAnaleigh Tipton (3rd Place, Cycle 11)YaYa DaCosta (2nd Place, Cycle 3) ... Eva Marcille (Winner, Cycle 3) ... Lisa DAmato (6th Place, Cycle 5; Winner, Cycle 17) ... Fatima Siad (3rd Place, Cycle 10) ... Adrianne Curry (Winner, Cycle 1) ... More items...•18 Aug 2014

Which season of ANTM is All Stars?

season 17 The seventeenth cycle of Americas Next Top Model (subtitled as Americas Next Top Model: All Stars and stylized as Americas Next Top Model ALL ★ STARS) premiered on September 14, 2011 on The CW.

Why did angelea leave ANTM?

Angelea revealed in a DailyMail interview that the true reason she was disqualified was because she worked as an escort for around three weeks after cycle 12. She was originally declared the winner, and an original finale panel was filmed. She announced that she was suing Tyra and the show for $3,000,000.

Why did Lisa get kicked off ANTM?

Lisa, who placed sixth on Cycle 5 in 2005 and later won Cycle 17s All Stars in 2011, claimed that she risked breach of contract by opening up during a 2006 episode of E! True Hollywood Story about the alleged mistreatment she endured during production on the modeling competition series.

Each cycle, host reveals to the contestants the changes in hair, makeup style, and sometimes even dentistry that she believed would take them all the way to the top. The cycles saw some outstanding stars whose natural beauty and confidence completely changed for the better due to the makeovers they received.

But other contestants weren't nearly as lucky, with some enduring permanent adjustments and horrific weaves that got in the way of their Top Model success. Have you ever wondered which makeovers have stood the test of time? Or which makeovers left the contestants crying and questioning everything?

Which ANTM season is best?

Wonder no more, as here are the best and worst makeovers in Top Model history. America's Next Top Model's Bianca Golden took a seat in the Ken Paves Salon chair in Cycle 9, ready to fulfill Tyra Banks' vision of her as a -like blonde, only to be told that her natural hair was fully damaged.

Despite the long locks she was supposed to have, Golden's hair was completely shaved off. But when she put on a wig for the first time, she didn't feel good about it. Instead of the luscious locks that Banks had envisioned for this model, Golden took to her post-makeover photo shoot rocking her short hair.

No, but Golden looked stunning after her transformation. Plus, she made it all the way to the final four. Cassandra Whitehead was not the first America's Next Top Model contestant to receive a pixie cut, but her flat-out rejection of the look resulted in her departure from the show. After her makeover, Whitehead found herself on a photo shoot set, faced with a request from Jay Manuel, the shoot's art director: cut another inch of hair off.

The choice got her kicked off set, and she eventually left the competition. Despite her leaving the show, Whitehead went on to become one of. Model Kayla Ferrel came to America's Next Top Model with two things: bouncy, curls and strict makeover orders from her girlfriend. She said, 'Don't come home with red hair, and don't come home bald. Unlike some of her fellow contestants and former Top Model hopefuls, Ferrel was convinced that the Which ANTM season is best?

transformation was worth it. I don't understand why people get upset. Hersley came to the competition with a slight gap between her teeth already, but Banks decided to go all in and sent Hersley to the dentist. She ultimately had a quarter of a millimeter shaved off of each front tooth, widening the small gap she already had. While a pixie cut, for example, will grow back and an ill-fitting wig or weave can come off or be redone, a widened tooth gap is forever.

In Cycle 16, models arrived at Privé Salon in Hollywood where stylist Laurent D. And unlike some girls who experienced subtle changes or downright awful makeovers, Brittani Kline received one of America's Next Top Model's most iconic transformations.

She worked with the angle of her new haircut while posing for her photo shoot after her makeover, making a serious impression. Kline went on to win her cycle of Top Model, scoring a photo shoot with Italian Vogue and making it on the cover of the Which ANTM season is best?

Beauty in Vogue supplement, as noted by. It is no secret that the recipient of a weave needs to have a pain-tolerant scalp and hair ready to withstand the process. O'Connell went along with it, but her slippery, fine hair was not ideal for a successful weave.

In light of the situation, the stylist created a specific net for O'Connell's hair and went ahead with the look. She was the runner up of her cycle, coming in second to Brittani Kline. Before her America's Next Top Model makeover, Shandi Sullivan looked like an awkward high school student. Adorned with ill-fitting glasses, a thick headband, and mousy brown hair, Sullivan did not look like she had what it took to make it far in the Top Model competition. But a daring makeover can change everything, and Sullivan experienced the works.

With Which ANTM season is best?

Which ANTM season is best?

help of Tyra Banks' imagination and vision, Sullivan went from your average girl next door to a bouncy, blonde bombshell. And with the help of contacts, Sullivan really transformed in front of her fellow contestants' eyes. Gone was any semblance of awkwardness, and Sullivan emerged as a gorgeous model and a real contender for the title. She eventually came in third in her cycle, and went on to sign a contract with Trump Model Management.

Top Worst Photos From America's Next Top Model

She has since left the modeling business. With bold features and a more square-shaped jaw, it was no secret that Young was apprehensive about a Which ANTM season is best? hairstyle. But her fears were Which ANTM season is best?

when she glanced at the look for the first time. When facing Tyra Banks and the other panelists during Which ANTM season is best? America's Next Top Model judgment, Young admitted that she was still getting used to the cut, much to Banks' annoyance. Maybe she should just go home and count the days until her hair grows back.

She radiated fun, girly energy, but Tyra Banks was having none of that. As her long blonde locks were cut off, Potter cried, but, to everyone's surprise, she let out a squeal of happiness when her final look was revealed. She rocked a daring, angular pixie cut that instantly elevated her modeling and on-camera attitude. I don't feel like girly-girl Sam. Potter's look helped her get all the way to the finale, where she became the runner-up to contestant McKey Sullivan.

The 18th cycle of America's Next Top Model pitted American and British models against each other, with each team vying for international domination.

While some models received makeovers with cotton candy pink hair and or cuts, U. Unlike her fellow competitors who managed to come out of the salon looking fashion-forward, LaFrate was the recipient of chunky clip-in red and blue highlights, all but making her hair an American flag. Her frizzy brown hair was dyed blonde, and the richly pigmented clip-in colors resembled hair pieces pre-teens bought at Claire's rather than a professional look.

Although the Top Model panelists said that LaFrate's look made her Which ANTM season is best? like a rockstar bride, the makeover hasn't aged well and is the pinnacle of a mid-2000s hair faux pas. Despite the hair catastrophe, LaFrate went on in the competition and eventually. She can have any hair in the world. Sullivan's already-short red locks were chopped and transformed into a shiny black pixie cut that quickly elevated her from everyday girl to drop dead gorgeous model.

Banks clearly knew what she was doing with Sullivan's look. The model wore her short hair all the way to the cycle's finale and became the winner. She left the competition with a stunningand went on to participate in.

Wells was already known for having a thing for drama, as he had clashed with creative consultant Yu Tsai on set the previous day. But hoping to put the past behind him, Wells embraced his makeover. He embraced his new full facial hair fairly quickly, but the beard's obvious adhesion lines and overall fake quality made the look pretty cringe-worthy.

6 Undeserving ‘America’s Next Top Model’ Winners

Tyra Banks later admitted that the beard was not the right shape for Wells' face, which resulted in a do-over. Whitney Thompson made history on America's Next Top Model by being one of the only plus-size models to ever compete, and her bombshell look was made whole when her shoulder-length brown hair was transformed.

Using a weave, Thompson was given luscious, bold blonde locks with a lot of volume, boosting her on-camera confidence. Without a doubt, Thompson's change was one of. Thompson ultimately became the first plus-size winner of Top Model. When the Cycle 20 contestants rolled up to the Cristophe Salon on America's Next Top Model, the male models were curious as to what their makeovers would entail.

Some got hair color changes, one received a completely shaved head, Which ANTM season is best? some even endured leg waxing. But Phil Sullivan's look Which ANTM season is best? the cake when the Top Model Which ANTM season is best? decided to give him extensions. Sullivan went on to have a successful modeling career after leaving Top Model, and he traded his long locks for. They say 'Dude, I love your beard.

Which ANTM season is best?

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