Question: How do I cancel my Victoria Milan subscription?


I am a 38-year-old guy but found my soulmate on the VictoriaMilan app. Thanks to the app I was able to find the love of my life at this stage of life.

How do I cancel my Victoria Milan subscription?

This site is a farse. Almost everyone on here is not real. The main respsosnes i get are: lets talk off line; then they get your email; then they want you to sign up for a dating verification site; then you get spam forver. I must have sent 300 respsosnes without a single followup. Dont waste your time and money Reply from VictoriaMilan.

We have both automated and man-driven anti-scammer methods active, but sometimes a profile can be unintentionally ignored. Then, I come to know about this VictoriaMilan app, I found a good friend there, and now I have someone to talk to share my feelings.

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This app changes my life. I used Victoria Milan for over 3 months and found a lot of interesting dates around my area. I recently stopped using their services because I found the girl of my dreams. I contacted their support and also sent them an email that I no longer need to use their service and they promptly closed my account. Hmmm I really like this website. It keeps everything discreet for me. I have found companionship that I was missing. One tip from me is to be real yourself, don't lie or add any fake images because their team will remove it immediately.

Expensive, Ad hoc initial responses- sometimes anwering in English when you ask in Dutch. I am a reasonable looking guy not a model. You pay to How do I cancel my Victoria Milan subscription?

How do I cancel my Victoria Milan subscription?

messages but not people who have not paid to be a member which is the majority. You should still be able to see their faces as a paying member. This they do not say upfront. In this type of case please get in touch with the Customer Support, we can investigate what happened in the background Kind Regards Reply from VictoriaMilan. I believe this is just a misunderstanding from your side. Kind Regards Some of these scammers like to blackmail. Some of VictoriaMilan girls look hot, but they are con artists and most likely they use stolen photos of porn stars and models.

They usually ask you for money after a few days of exchanging messages and hot pics. Victoria Milan is an established global dating site for married and attached people seeking confidential affairs. Whether you seek an innocent and friendly web flirt, a casual one-night stand, or a long term real life affair, Victoria Milan promises to provide you with a safe, anonymous and confidential online environment.

Search and interact anonymously with millions of married and attached members from all over the world. Our members are people just like you, seeking to relive that magical feeling once again.

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